Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs a person will ever have. It starts at birth and goes well into adulthood. Each developmental stage brings different challenges. These issues are significantly heightened when parenting a special needs child (either physically or emotionally). Therapy will assist parents to be less reactive to various issues, while allowing their children to feel safe and cared for when limits are set in a more respectful and calm way. Parents can always benefit from support and acknowledgement of their daily struggles. Parenting skills can always be improved in order to help become a “good enough” parent. While wanting to do the best for their child(ren), knowing when to set limits and say “no” is equally as important . Too many parents give overly punitive consequences with no follow through and make empty threats. Consulting a professional to help guide, support and provide new/different strategies can enhance family bonds and foster healthier and happier family relationships.

Parenting help in New Jersey